Boudoir Bizarre Revamped!


26/03/2016 - 27/03/2016    


Weerenweg 21, zwanenburg, 1161AE

Evenement type

Boudoir Bizarre XX, A New Start !!!


From 2005 until 2012 Boudoir Bizarre has earned a place in the history of the Dutch Fetish Scene. A genuine Fetish Party, attracting the Alternative, Bizarre, Fetish and Gothic minded crowd. Remembered even as one of the last remaining true and original Fetish Events, a distinct difference with the huge number of Kinky Dance Parties that popped up over the last decade. Boudoir Bizarre offers original Fetish shows, true Bizar, Latex and Fetish dressed crowd, a connection with the creative Gothic scene and of course a fantastic atmosphere, created by the party visitors themselves.

The last three parties, back in 2012, we enjoyed our virtues and vices in a venue, similar to the amazing “Waakzaamheid” (RIP), where we had our finest and most famous editions. Many enjoyed our latest perv parties in “De Kade, in Zaandam, but once again we’re forced to move to a new venue and found a new Home at Silverstone, in Zwanenburg, close to Amsterdam. Silverstone proved to be an excellent fit. Very nice rooms, friendly staff and lots of freedom to shape Boudoir Bizarre into the awesome event we all came to love so much.

So we’re excited to announce that we will once more transform the Silverstone Party Center into The Boudoir Bizarre Fetish Universe where you can all party your Latex clad asses off. For those who missed the earlier events and had to listen to the the stories the last 4 years… Don’t make that mistake again… 🙂 Whether you want to dance, lounge, show off, emerge yourself in darkness, explore the twilight, or get on your knees to ask for forgiveness, op punishment in the spotlights, it’s all possible. We again give you the perfect place and the perfect party to do it.

Looking forward to see you and your friends again for the new edition of Boudoir Bizarre. And of course, the same motto as always applies ..

At Boudoir Bizarre everybody is a V.I.P. So dress like V.I.P. Act like V.I.P. And we will treat you like V.I.P. !!!